• Thriving business, satisfied clients, superb peopleā€¦
    • By:
      Delivering outstanding Engineering Consultancy Solutions
      Creating value for our clients
      Developing the potential of our people
    • Market Focus
      A National and International recognized leader in the delivery of sustainable, multi-disciplinary Engineering Consultancy Solutions in the built and managed environment.
    • Business Model Proposition
      IMAC is a flexible, responsive, forward looking and market oriented organization focused on service to clients with whom we build long term mutually beneficial business relationships.
      We grow through our existing relationships and by developing new strategic partnerships, to broaden and deepen our offering in our chosen market sectors.
      Our success is characterized by strong leadership, the development of people, technical, managerial and commercial talent and a stimulating and dynamic working environment.
    • Culture
      Our Culture is client focused, embraces change, and continuously strives to improve.
    • Values
      We are committed to our values of integrity, partnership, trust, honest communication and hard work.
    • Integrity
      We maintain consistency between our words and our actions.
      We keep our promises and agreements.
      We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our words and our actions.
    • Partnership
      We are committed to creating and developing collaborative, trusting, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, our strategic partners, other companies, governments and their agencies. We are similarly committed to each other and to our communities.
    • Trust
      We have faith in the honesty, integrity, worth and reliability of our people.
      We respect and support one another and we strive to earn the trust of all of our partners.
    • Communication
      Communication is a process of creative dialogue leading to mutual understanding and shared meaning.
    • Hard Work
      In each situation we are committed to working diligently through all challenges to complete our task in all its aspect